As the Moon travels around the earth, it increases and decreases in light. It takes 27 and 1/2 days for the Moon to complete it’s circle. From New Moon to Full Moon, the Moon appears to be increasing in light. This period is called “waxing”. Think of this time as a gathering of Solar energy, which is released as the Moon reaches it’s full potentialat the Full Moon.

From Full Moon to New Moon, the Moon appears to be decreasing in light. This period is called “waning”. Think of this as a winding down time. A summing up, and a clearing of energies in preparation for the next cycle. Check outthis page to learn more about the role of Moon in astrology : The Moon in Astrology – Ruler of Cancer

The Moon has 4 phases during it’s cycle. These are explained below:

New Moon:

The New Moon is traditionally the time for new beginnings, new ideas, new projects, new facets of growth. Consciously beginning things at this time, puts you in rhythm with a natural order of growth and development.

The First Quarter:

The Moon reaches it’s First Quarter approximately one week from the New Moon. Now, things begun at the New Moon may meet obstacles coming from the past – old patterns, out dated ways of thinking. Be prepared to meet and overcome these obstacles, and make way for new life direction and change.

Full Moon:

The Full Moon begins approximately 2 weeks from the New Moon. If a positive attitude of growth has been developed, and limitations from the past are overcome, the Full Moon brings a renewed sense of determination and fulfillment. If a negative attitude has dominated during the period of increasing light, then the Full Moon may bring conflict to the forefront. Giving you a chance to deal with the issues at hand.

The Last Quarter:

As the cycle’s experiences wind down during the final week of the lunar cycle, a crises in consciousness can occur. This can lead to a clarification of values. This is a period of firming up what started at the New Moon and has developed during the lunar cycle. The Last Quarter is a good time for quiet reflection

Void of Course Moon

As The Moon orbits the Earth, it travels through the 12 Signs of the zodiac. It stays in each Sign for more than 2 days and less than 3 days. During this time, the Moon makes connections with the other planets in the zodiac. These connections are called “aspects”. When the Moon gets to the end of a Sign, it goes beyond it’s connection with other planets. From the exit of one Sign to the entry of the next, the Moon is said to be “Void of Course”. This is a time when we can feel unconnected and without direction. It is an ideal time for meditation and centering of Self.

What to do during the Void Of Course Moon

Party! It is a great time for one! It is best to avoid making important decisions during a void of course Moon, as actions tend to produce unexpected results. Generally, the advice for this time is, let go to the engery and enjoy the flow of life.

Regenerate! Take time off from business and material concerns. Focus on relaxation and spiritual matters. Energize yourself to get back to work once the Moon enters the next Sign.

The Transiting Moon in your birthchart

To use this information, you will need to know the position of The Moon, The Sun and The Ascendant in your natal chart. You will also need to use the Moon Sign Calander to find the position of the Moon.

Moon in The Sign of Your Ascendant:

The most important time of the Lunar Cycle is when the Moon is over your ascendant. This is usually the busiest time of the month for you, and you look better to others. Plan to make important presentations now. It’s a good time for job interviews and for closing deals. This position of the Moon pulls people in your direction.

Moon Opposite Your Ascendant:

When the Moon is opposite your ascendant, or six signs away, things will be quieter, and less likely to turn out in your favor. Plan to do the work that doesn’t require you to be visible

Moon in The Sign of Your Sun:

The next important cycle, is when the Moon is in the same Sign as your Sun. This is a time of heightened energy and vitality.

Moon Opposite Your Sun:

When the Moon is opposite your Sun, or six Signs away, your energy level is lower, and you are more likely to become immune to colds and flu.